Dec 31, 2008

Artwork: Tiki Surfer Shirt

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Tiki Surfer Shirt

Tiki Surfer Shirt

This shirt design is a slight remake of a piece I did over the summer. The inspiration of this were the grocery bag designs from Trader Joe's (with their kitchy Tiki characters eating popsicles) and Hawaiian surfers.

Photo: San Francisco Bay Bridge

This sunrise over the bay was easily one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen. . . no photo editing, just simple and natural.

Inspiration: Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy

If you happen to hit the malls this season, you can't miss the stylings of the now-infamous tattooist Don Ed Hardy and fashion designer Christian Audigier (formerly of Von Dutch and Affliction Clothing). I admire their artistic talents and marketing genius. Tattoo artwork has become part of mainstream culture in recent years and the partnership of Ed and Christian has elevated the style to star status. The products range from clothing to shoes, perfume, bags, jewelry, and other accessories.

Ed Hardy Dragon Scroll

One of the most impressive displays of Ed Hardy's talent was at the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center in 2002--a 500 foot long dragon scroll painting--it was beautiful seeing it in person as it became a sensory experience, wrapping around itself like a dragon's body.

Artwork: Angel Mandala 2009 Calender

Angel Mandala 2009 Calender

As today is New Year's Eve, I've adapted the Angel Mandala artwork into a Calender format. Hopefully, it would be utilized. You could view and download the image (for personal use) here. Have a safe and happy New Years!

Dec 22, 2008

Artwork: Angel Mandala

Angel Mandala

I've been trying to combine realistic elements with decorative pieces. Although I love black and white imagery, subtle coloration could bring out the content a bit more. Angel Mandala was influenced by the styles of Art & Crafts and Art Nouveau. View Larger.

Artwork: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

I've always thought Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" was a beautiful tale of regret and redemption. The inspiration was the ominous Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and Dore's dramatic etchings. This was created by pen/ink, then digitally colored in Photoshop. View Larger.

Dec 15, 2008

Artwork: Christmas Reindeer Scene

Christmas Reindeer Scene

Here's another Christmas e-card with something we don't really see in San Francisco--snow. View Larger.

Dec 12, 2008

Photo: Cleaning the Glass

I happened to be at the Academy of Sciences aquarium when they were cleaning the tank. Went to see the fish, but the people were just as interesting.

Photo: Teeth

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Don't forget to brush those teeth!

This was taken at the Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Artwork: Commodities


Commodities is a social commentary through digital illustration. What makes the world go round? Money, power, and greed seems to have become the motivation, making war become a business in itself.

The artwork focuses on the shapes of weapons and bio-hazard symbols. Barcodes and dollar currency symbols line the ground, suggesting that everything has become a commodity. View Larger.

Dec 5, 2008

Photo: World Famous

World Famous
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Christina (Citrus) of World Famous. Pure talent.

Photo: Striped Patterns

Striped Patterns
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Patterns and shapes can be found everywhere. Here's an abstract photo of some lawn chairs.

Photo: Homeless Camp

I tend to be drawn to the odd, unusual, and in this case, the forgotten. It saddened me to shoot this--there were several camps of homeless people, with nothing but boxes and shopping carts.

While I was shooting, a passerby warned me of "violent bums [in the area] taking people down" so I quickly heeded his warning and soon departed thereafter. I always try to be aware of my surroundings, but once in a while, you get a jolt.

This was taken around Folsom, between 1st and 2nd street in San Francisco.

Photo: Urban Decay & Shapes

Urban Decay
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
I love the structures of freeways and underpasses. It's fuctional, but beautiful.

Inspiration: Google and LIFE Online Photo Archive


Google and LIFE magazine teamed up for a online photo archive from the 1750s till today. To search only the LIFE images, just add "ZZZ:life" to any Google image search. Apparently, Time Inc. owns the copyright, so they're not in the public domain, but you could purchase prints for $79.99 from Time Life and QOOP.

Inspiration: Doodlage & My Sketches

Wandering Spirit

A few months ago, I came across a very inspiring site, Doodlage, a place devoted to doodles, sketches, and preliminary art. Leo/Rashell graciously invited me to be a guest contributor, so here's a bit of my intro: "Sketching has always been a huge part of my art (and life)–as subconscious expression, use in final art, conceptualization, or as its own art-form. My sketches have been described by others as intense, odd, insane, neurotic, but in the end, it’s part of me and I love creating..." Check out the rest here.

Doodlage also has some items on Etsy, fun artworks on rocks and collages on paper.

Dec 4, 2008

Inspiration: Kai Regan, Urban Photographer

Kai Regan Apple iPod

Kai Regan Slum Village

Kai Regan is an immense and inspirational photographer. Like many commercial artists, his photo content and style ranges to coincide with different clients and audiences--from pristine imagery to gritty urban scenes. He can be this generation's Richard Avedon. Kai's portraits, lifestyle photography, and digital compositions (like the iPod ads, enlisting the talents of Rocket Studio) is a documentary of urban existence.

Dec 2, 2008

Artwork: Shaire Productions on TeeFury!

Dragon O Shirts

I'm so excited to have my work featured on Tee Fury. It's a fascinating concept--selling one t-shirt only for a day--limited and exclusive run. My day is tomorrow: December 3rd, Eastern time. There's a goofy Q&A too, so don't read too much into it. =0) The design I chose was a more elaborate version of the collaborative shirt from last week: Dragon O.

Please support the Shaire Productions propaganda!!!

Artwork: Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook: Mexico

My sketchbook is a personal art sanctuary: a place of meditation, simple wanderings, and exploration. This sketch was inspired by my trip to Mexico, complete with Aztec influences, mountainous terrain, and church steps.

Sketchbook Page

Here is a random page from the sketchbook. Creatures sometimes emerge from the patterns. Take a closer look.

Artwork: Winter and Dragons

Holly Reindeer

As it's now December, Christmas will soon be upon us. I created Holly Reindeer to celebrate the occasion.

Mountain & Trees

Inspired by the prints of Hiroshige, Mountain & Trees is a wintery illustration that would work well as an e-card. This was created with a few different brush and fine-tip pens. I've been exploring minimal color as an accent, not a crutch for the line-work.

Dragon Circle

Dragon Circle is an apparel design soon to be on Zazzle. This was another pen/ink drawing converted in Adobe Illustrator.

Nov 28, 2008

Artwork: Tee Fury Charity Collab

Artist collaboration (mine is the bottom left corner) brought together by WOTTO of only for Nov. 28th!

I'm very pleased to be part of this fun charity project, benefiting Movember. They run events to promote awareness for men's health issues, including cancer and depression.

Artwork: Tree of Love

Fall Leaves Artwork

Tree of Love is a digital illusration (e-card) inspired by the dark art styles of Tim Burton and Gris Grimly--brooding artwork with a positive spin.

Inspiration: The Rape of Europa

The Rape of Europa Artwork

The Rape of Europa documentary (from Menemsha Films) is based on the book of the same name by Lynn H. Nicholas. It's a emotional look at the plundering of art in World War II by mass murderer and rejected artist, Hitler (as explored in the film, Max) and the Nazis, the social effects of the loss, art's place in culture, and the Monument Men (who protected cultural treasures during the war).

From the film, it was reported that millions (!) of artworks were stolen from historical sites, museums, and countless victims of the Nazis. Some of the classical pieces were from Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo. Others included the (Hitler dubbed "Degenerate Artists") works of Van Gogh and Picasso. Backed by old news reel footage, The Rape of Europa is a compelling story--not just from an art perspective, but a cultural one. Religious artifacts (Torahs, bells, etc.) and the classic art treasures were housed in underground Nazi caves for the intention of being sent to Hitler's (unbuilt) museum of art. Translating the millions of lives severed from the Holocaust into material objects is an astounding one. The film also touched on the stories of soldiers and their conflicts of saving lives vs. preserving historic monuments. Interviews from residents, victims, and historians recall the role of art for them--it was a source of history, memory, culture, and ultimately, identity.

Nov 26, 2008

Artwork: Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Leaves Artwork

Fall Leaves illusration is a subtle ecard design for the famous feasting day, Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy yourselves!

Nov 25, 2008

Video: Bruce Lee Nokia Commercial

Amazing editing in action for the Dragon himself, Bruce Lee.

Inspiration: Christophe Szpajdel Logos

Christophe Szpajdel Logo Design

Christophe Szpajdel does very cool logos for "Death Metal" band. There's a nice gothic quality to his work, reminiscent of the amazing Margo Chase.

Nov 18, 2008

Photo: Dancing

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Quintessentially San Franciscan--bright, bold, and carefree.

Nov 15, 2008

Photo: B-Boy in Aerial Pose

Part of the World Famous Dance Crew photoshoot.

Nov 13, 2008

Photo: Theatre

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Lovely geometric curves and lines.

Inspiration: Bucky Paper Design Possibilities

Sherrie Thai's Dada Book

Microscopic View of Bucky Paper

Bucky Paper,, or carbon nanofiber (an achievement of nanotechnology), has been in the works for a few years now. It's suppose to have the dexterity of regular paper, could be cut with scissors, yet be as strong as steel. Sounds like the Superman of papers, eh? I wonder though--if and when it hits the commercial market--how affordable would it be and would the general public have access to it? The speculation for uses is pretty impressive:
biological applications, replacement of metals for usage in planes, tv's, and more. Instead of "going green", we could "go bucky". (Cheesy, I know) This power paper could perhaps lessen the need for certain natural resources--metal and wood--but of course, I'm no scientist, so hopefully, it's environmentally sound.

As an artist/designer on the constant lookout for new materials, bucky paper sounds very promising. Besides the noble uses for it, this could open new doors for printing technology--if it is in fact printable. Fast-forward to a world with affordable bucky paper. . . Given that we live in a user-generated society--we could perhaps place personalized artwork on household furnishings--countertops, refrigerators--or even cars and bikes. Perhaps textbooks for schools? Or simply having archival gallery materials.

Nov 10, 2008

Photo: Tattooist at Work

Taken at the State of Grace Tattoo Show in San Jose, California.

Artwork: Dragon O Illustration

Sherrie Thai: Dragon O Illustration

This dragon was originally created in pen/ink and vectorized on the computer. I'll eventually create another design with this circular shape for a tee design, but for now, enjoy it digitally. =0)
For a larger view, click here.

Nov 9, 2008

Photo: Glass Textures

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Simple textures of glass cups with the Canon XTi.

Inspiration: The Simpsons Marketing Campaign

The Simpsons Burger King Poster

The Simpsons D'oh of the Dead Design

The marketing team behind The Simpsons have been hard at work. Going into their 20th season (wow!), their fire is far from diminishing. From the success of the Kwik E-Mart/7-11 takeover and the partnership of Burger King last year for the movie launch, the famous yellow family are still at it again. . . Gentle Giants toy manufacturer has produced the Treehouse of Horror series, while Burger King is looking forward to another partnership. On The Simpsons' website, there's a partnership with Zazzle for seasonal products in honor of Dia de Los Muertos, cleverly titled, "D'oh of the Dead". Click here to check out The Simpsons' (awesomely-designed) site.

Nov 5, 2008

Photo: Femininity

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Beauty defined. Simple black & white portrait via the digital Canon XTi.

Inspiration: Wallace & Gromit, PhotoJojo, and BlueCanvas

Wallace & Gromit Harvey Nichols Ad

The loveable characters of Wallace & Gromit lend their charm to the ads for lifestyle store, Harvey Nichols. Click here for more details.

If you're interested in learning more about digital photography or getting new project ideas, check out Photojojo.

I've also placed a few artwork pieces on an artist social networking site, Blue Canvas. The Flash player is pretty nifty--artwork becomes embedded into the module and viewable in a seamless way.

Nov 4, 2008

Artwork: Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This artwork was created while in a Halloween mindset. The concept was to replace a human backbone with a snake and a ribcage as wing elements. It veered away from that a bit, so I may revisit the theme a bit more later. The influences for this piece were artwork from Giger (bio-mechanical elements), mysticism, tattoo art, and alchemy (symbols in the background). Traditionally drawn with pen/ink, then scanned, and digitally colored. Larger image here.

Nov 3, 2008

Photo: Frida Figurine

I love this figurine--Frida Kahlo immoratalized as a Dia de Los Muertos handicraft in San Francisco.

Photo: Checking the Camera

Halloween--when in costume, everything appears amusing--even mundane tasks such as looking at the camera/cellphone.

Photo: Abstract Shapes

Abstract Shapes
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
I'm a strong believer that there's beauty in everything no matter how mundane. This photo is of geometric simplicity from the top of a ship.

Oct 31, 2008

Artwork: Halloween E-Card

Skull & Bones

It's (drumroll please). . . HALLOWEEN! Ta da!

Here's a mixed media piece to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. I've always loved Victorian scrolls and banner style, but thought it would be interesting to substitute certain artistic elements with insect legs and bone fragments--it's subtle, but gory. Buahhaha! This was done in pen/ink, then scanned and colored/manipulated in Photoshop.View Larger Image.

Artwork: Voodoo Cleansing

Skull & Snakes

As with all my projects, I do loads of research beforehand--trying to get into the core of the product, theme, or event. I notice that Voodoo (or Vudon/ Vodoun) is something that scares a lot of people in the Western world because of what has been portrayed in horror movies and the media (as with Wiccan beliefs). Researching it made me understand that it's a valid religion not particularly associated with darkness, but with all things, there are a few bad apples along the way. More info here. It's a cliche, but knowledge is power--to understand differences and realize similarities. As an artist, I find that researching unfamiliar topics broadens my creative vision and style.

In the voodoo research, chickens are used in religious ceremonies. The black chicken is used to absorb evil spirits, while the white chicken is used to cleanse the spirit. Influenced by this, I did a little creative licensing. In my artwork, the body of the chicken houses spirits, while it's plucking away at savory little eyeballs. The drawing was first created in pencil, then cleaned up, and digitally colored and texturized. View Larger Image.