Aug 27, 2008

Photo: Indian Girls

Indian Girls
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This candid photo was taken at the Oakland Chinatown Street Fest. These beautiful Indian girls were sitting amongst the crowd, patiently waiting their turn to perform.

Photo: The Cooks

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Daydreaming at the grill. This was taken at the Oakland Chinatown Street Fest.

Aug 21, 2008

Artwork: Wildstyle Graffiti

Art by Sherrie Thai of

Wildstyle Graffiti

This was an experimentation in combining tribal tattoo styles with letterforms. This is a mixed media piece (pen & photoshop). I didn't clean up the linework very much, as I like the rough quality of line. In case you're wondering, it's another homage to "Hip Hop".

Artwork: Gasmask over Nature

. Posted by Sherrie Thai of

Gasmask over Nature

I've been interested in masks for a while. Gasmasks in particular always seemed very ominous to me with it's alien-like features and the tubular apparatus. This image was inspired by all the talk of global conservation and global warming (formerly known as the "greehouse effect"). Mixed-media artwork: pen/ink illustration with vector art.

Artwork: Abstract Faces

Abstract Faces

Here's another exploration of abstract human forms, inspired by Picasso and Braque's Cubist style. This was created with pen/ink, then scanned, and brought into Photoshop. The background is a granite/sidewalk photo texture that was colorized and retouched.

Aug 19, 2008

Artwork: Anna May Wong & Apparel Line

Anna May Wong: Film

Another apparel line I'm working on is called "Culture Clash", influenced by social, cultural, and sometimes political symbols. I just started publishing the shirts, so check it out!*

I've recently discovered the beauty and grace of Anna May Wong, a forgotten starlet in the MGM tradition. She was the first Asian-American woman who stared in feature films in the 1930s+, but like many minorities of her time, she was forced to play stereotypical roles and was restricted from others because of her race and a tradition in old Hollywood known as "yellow face" (where white actors would play Asian characters through makeup and fake accents, as in the movie, "The Good Earth", or "Charlie Chan"). Anna eventually moved to Europe who favored her with less stereotypical and more narrative roles.

I wanted to pay homage to Anna's character and spirit of tenacity and determination.

Anna May Wong: Pioneer

Aug 14, 2008

Inspiring Commercials & Animation

Like the Superbowl, the commercials that run during the Olympics are just as entertaining--with great storytelling and artistic elements. Here are two of my favorites. . .

United Airlines Commercial "Sea Orchestra" by The Black Heart Gang. Wonderful animation. . .

Two b-ball giants: Yao Ming vs. LeBron James in a Coke ad. Fun visual iconography from both American and Chinese cultures without being overly stereotypical and offensive.

Aug 13, 2008

Photo: Conversing Parrots

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This was taken during my trip to the Oakland Zoo.

Artwork: Honeybear


I'm starting the concept designs for a new apparel line called "Happy Insanity", where cuteness gets thrown in a blender. This illustration is syrupy sweet and all things in-between.

Aug 2, 2008

Artwork: MC=Lyricism + Innovation

Trying to capture the essence of Hip Hop Freestyle Mcing in a simplified equation. This is also meant to be a promo apparel design for ShaireProductions.