Oct 31, 2008

Artwork: Halloween E-Card

Skull & Bones

It's (drumroll please). . . HALLOWEEN! Ta da!

Here's a mixed media piece to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. I've always loved Victorian scrolls and banner style, but thought it would be interesting to substitute certain artistic elements with insect legs and bone fragments--it's subtle, but gory. Buahhaha! This was done in pen/ink, then scanned and colored/manipulated in Photoshop.View Larger Image.

Artwork: Voodoo Cleansing

Skull & Snakes

As with all my projects, I do loads of research beforehand--trying to get into the core of the product, theme, or event. I notice that Voodoo (or Vudon/ Vodoun) is something that scares a lot of people in the Western world because of what has been portrayed in horror movies and the media (as with Wiccan beliefs). Researching it made me understand that it's a valid religion not particularly associated with darkness, but with all things, there are a few bad apples along the way. More info here. It's a cliche, but knowledge is power--to understand differences and realize similarities. As an artist, I find that researching unfamiliar topics broadens my creative vision and style.

In the voodoo research, chickens are used in religious ceremonies. The black chicken is used to absorb evil spirits, while the white chicken is used to cleanse the spirit. Influenced by this, I did a little creative licensing. In my artwork, the body of the chicken houses spirits, while it's plucking away at savory little eyeballs. The drawing was first created in pencil, then cleaned up, and digitally colored and texturized. View Larger Image.

Artwork: Skulls & Snakes Tee

Skull & Snakes

Designed this while I was on the cruise to Mexico: View Here. Precursor to my Halloween e-card.

Photo: Gordy, the b-boy

B-boy: Gordy
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
I love photographing the unusual as well as classical themes. I love how calm Gordy is in his pose. . . not to mention his matching shoelaces.

Photo: World Famous Dance Crew, Jazmyne

This photo was taken right in front of the new De Young Museum.

Photo: World Famous Dance Crew, Faye

Faye Boogie photo from World Famous. I love how the pose is so effortless!

Photo: World Famous Dance Crew

From my sessions of attending the Cellspace dance practices, I met some really cool folks, one of whom led me to take this photo--amazing dance crew out of San Diego--World Famous! The photo shoot was located in and around Golden Gate Park. This image in particular was great fun. I saw a huge 9-12" tall fountain in the middle of the concourse, pointed, and said, "that looks really cool--maybe you could get on top of that" as a passing thought, but without hesitation, they climbed up and starting posing. Great models, amazing experience. Check 'em out here

Photo: Aplus

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Another photo from Cellspace practice. Here's a photo from b-girl Aplus out of the Sisterz of the Underground dance crew.

Photo: Land's End

Land's End
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
I did the touristy thing in Cabo and viewed Land's End. So much beauty, fame and excitement over some silly rocks. . .

Photo: Dia de Los Muertos

Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Celebration in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I love the beauty of the Aztec dance and rituals.

Photo: Fisherman and His Catch

What's Mexico without her people? This photo was taken on the beach of Puerto Vallarta. . . right before I gorged on a large green coconut. Yum!

Photo: Mexico

Green Wall
Originally uploaded by shaire productions
Just got back from an amazing trip to Mexico. This photo was taken in Xihuatanejo (say that 3 times fast!) in front of a small park. I was very inspired by the beauty of the handmade objects and the liberal use of bold colors. So inspiring. . .

Artwork: Skull & Scrolls Shirt

Skull & Scrolls Shirt

Simple organic apparel design. Check it out: here.

Oct 23, 2008

Artwork: Breakers & Boombox

Breakers & Boombox Shirt

Old school hip hop and my interest in breakdancing (as a spectator) were main influences for this apparel design.

Photo: Dancer at LoveParade

Dancer Pose
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The San Francisco LoveParade is always a great event, complete with lively dancers and incredible electronica tunes.

Photo: Breaking at Cellspace

Been catching amazing breakdance practice sessions in SF.

Oct 2, 2008

Announcement: Shaire Productions Official Site is Live!

shaireproductions splash image

Nearly a year has passed since I've started the site design to my personal site: www.shaireproductions.com--a daunting task with a Flash-based 100-page interactive book, Downloads, and Merchandise section. I've always heard that the hardest creative project was designing for yourself--your own brand. To condense who you are in one logo, one site, one image was quite a challenge. The site is a constant work-in-progress, but I'm pretty happy with it. I've become quite involved in Creative Commons licensing, mostly through my encounters with Flickr. It became important to me to provide a space for free art, art resources and photos. As artists, we're influenced by one another. Seeing others' interpretation of what you've created is inspiration in itself because you get to peek into another's creative mind, thereby pushing your own creativity into new arenas. Anyways, check it out!

Artwork: Widget Creation